Compost improves soil health so dramatically it’s often called “black gold.” Large-scale municipal composting is a public resource that can reduce food waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions and promote better stewardship of our most valuable natural resource: soil. 2 ; becuase like gold, coal is used for various purposes and contributes a lot to mankind. Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a soil amendment fertilizer. Plants use far less water when compost is used. or "The Real Value of Compost "[pdf]  [see pdf for references] provided by Nature's Way Resources, an organic composting facility in Texas. Upvote(84) How satisfied are you with the answer? All life forms … from beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungi and beneficial critters like earthworms … require the energy that comes from carbon. Many complaints about compost “not working” or taking too long can be traced to the type of bacterial action taking place. Compost can enrich a garden as mulch or a form of fertilizer and soil conditioner. 4) Energy: Bacteria, fungus, earthworms and other life forms that live in the soil rely on energy from the carbon it contains. Compost is a collection of organic matter that has decomposed to form what is often called Nature’s Black Gold or humus.Whether you are an advanced organic gardener, or a beginner at making compost, this composting guide will tell you what you need to know about making and using nature’s fertilizer. Why petroleum is called black gold. The following blog post was written by members Sharon AvRutick and Christin Ogryzlo. Houston's News, Weather & Traffic Station. This will help us to improve better. Worm compost tea is your secret ingredient to grow giant vegetables! Thus it's value is compared with that of Gold. The energy in dry molasses is available immediately but is quickly used up versus compost where the energy takes a few days to be available but lasts for months to years. The big bags of castings available at the local garden supply store are a waste of money compared to what one can make at home - store … Composting is a natural process of recycling organic material such as leaves and vegetable scraps into a rich soil amendment that gardeners fondly nickname Black Gold. People call it gold because of its oils and value. The Many Benefits of Compost Compost energizes the soil food web, which is made up of microscopic bacteria and fungi, along with earthworms, crickets, and many other life forms. For example, you’ll get the equivalent of over $40 worth of fish emulsion. that's why coal is called black gold/diamond. That's why COMPOST is referred to as BLACK GOLD. 2. #gardensoil This is the reason for several steps compost-makers take to produce their black gold— often without understanding why they are important. So it was called "black gold". It states that black compost is not the result of a successful composting process, but instead is due to a period of anaerobic activity. Answered By . The views expressed here are the author's own. Thoroughly decomposed compost contains lots of humus … I am confused if you mean steer manure. Compost is the basic building block of a healthy garden. Fuels & Natural Resources Chemistry Nature General Topics. The higher the amount of mineral fertilizer used, the more intensive is the erosion of the soil, the poorer the soil's humus content, plus the environment is more polluted. Compost is called “black gold” because it is so good for building up the soil. When food waste ends up in a landfill it gets buried under mounds of other garbage where, deprived of oxygen, it decomposes to produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Wow…there is also a community in the Edmonson County of Kentucky called black gold. Research is just beginning to identify and understand the many substances in good compost that promote plant growth. If humates are used as a source of organic matter, it would cost over $100. “Compost” is the humus-rich material that results from the process of composting. toppr. Composting is a natural process of recycling organic material such as leaves and vegetable scraps into a rich soil amendment that gardeners fondly nickname Black Gold. A simple rule of thumb is to make sure the compost pile has approximately 2/3 … NWR has been recognized in many publications from The Houston Chronicle to The Wall Street Journal for the quality of its products. You can use compost as a layer of mulch around plants in your garden beds. Register for a user account. October 3, 2013 by I know everything. Why is compost called black gold? The amount of dry molasses needed to provide the energy found in one cubic yard of compost would cost over $150. This creates a compost sometimes called “black gold“ and has many benefits for the earth and for a garden.

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