Why ScriptFarm? Oh, just being direct…

We want to express, in a particularly dramatic way, our distinctive engineering approach to delivering complete performance testing services using HP’s LoadRunner, Microfocus’ SilkPerformer and Ixia’s IxChariot products. Traditionally, software quality assurance services, including load testing, are perceived to be a commodity-level product undifferentiated in many ways from one provider to the next. The conventional wisdom for this approach on the load and performance side of the fence has been that the tools available are sophisticated and rich enough that few engineering-level skills are required to deliver a successful set of performance tests. We’re here to stand conventional wisdom on its head – a focus on a highly engineered product makes a substantial difference.

Diagnostic Expertise… Testing Expertise… Tool Expertise… Performance engineering is a complex subject. Many people in the software quality assurance industry don’t want to hear this, but highly skilled engineers are more efficient at their core tasks than entry-level employees. As a plus, for most organizations this USA-based, skilled engineering expertise can often be delivered at the same price as what would be charged by an offshore IT services provider.

The bottom line is, with the ScriptFarm you are going to get great performance testing services at total solution costs comparable to what you are paying today for offshore, without the encumbrances of time zone issues, technical skills deficiencies, testing skills issues, or simply communications issues. We think of this as a cooperative venture between your organization and the ScriptFarm; we are successful when you are successful in your performance efforts.

Who are the Farmers?