Overseas? We don’t need to be overseas!

This is absolutely correct. We've never had an overseas facility and never will. We did look at the overseas model when we were in the whiteboard “What if..” stage of our development, but we could never reconcile the challenges that clients continually brought to our attention: The time zone differences; the cultural idioms and language issues which became barriers to delivery; the ability to hire, retain and mature engineering staff without constant turnover; and the ugly perspective that software quality assurance just is not a desired career path but it’s an acceptable stepping stone to get to development or management.

We came home, looked at the depth of engineering talent available in the rural United States and said, “Yeah, we can build our home here!” In an overseas operation, we could not match the available engineering talent, development efficiency and the ability to mature the organization with low turnover. This was true for Asia, Canada, India, Latin America and the Philippines.

We have settled in rural South Carolina, on the edge of the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area. It’s a productive area for the items that the ScriptFarm needs to survive – development skills, engineering expertise and a lowered cost of operations – all of which benefit you, our clients.

We’re convinced that by controlling our costs and improving efficiency with standardized practices combined with an Internet-based delivery, we’ll always deliver the best and most cost-effective performance testing services available. This production model, combined with a direct sales channel, allows us to offer the best possible values to our clients.

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