Fractional Business Availability Center and SiteScope Administration

What is an IT organization without the challenge to deliver the same or higher amount of services with a smaller budget?

That is the reality of the current IT environment.

About five years ago our clients began asking for the ScriptFarm to help solve this problem. First came a solution for onshore services at a less expensive price than offshore for Performance Testing. Then, about a year ago, customers began asking for solutions in the area of production monitoring with HP SiteScope and Business Availability Center (BAC). Our clients came to us because we were able to solve the problem of cost effective onshore services for performance testing coming in less expensive overall than doing the same work offshore.

This was a more difficult problem to solve. Services for SiteScope and BAC are not needed all the time. Plus the individuals with these skills are often locked up for long periods, so lead time and travel requirements can be a spoiler to cost effectiveness. Surely there was a model we could find that would allow the ScriptFarm to address this need.

Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students from the Kansas University School of Business - Work of Mark Hirschey - 6 May 2005 - Wikimedia Commons -
Warren Buffett
CEO,Berkshire Hathaway
As they teach in Art school, if you are going to adapt a technique then make sure that it's a successful one developed by the hand of a master artist.

Taking this advice to heart we went right to the top of the business world and began looking at the business models used at various Berkshire Hathaway companies. Their CEO, Warren Buffett, here pictured to the left speaking at the Kansas University School of Business, certainly has a reputation for solving difficult problems. There was a model in use at one of the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary companies that fit the bill. The company? NetJets. The business model? Fractional (or shared) use of an expensive resource.

Like small private jets, the cost to acquire a qualified BAC or SiteScope professional can be quite high. They are sparsely available in the market and usually engaged on projects. The technical barrier to entry is quite high so there are few close substitutes that you can bring to bear in a short period of time. The skills are simply not easy ones to transition to other members of your team.

ScriptFarm is not the first organization to realize that this fractional ownership model can be applied to other goods and services. You can find fractional ownership in the areas of recreational vehicle ownership, vacation properties, high-end sports cars and even construction equipment. However, once you combine the offsite delivery model for the ScriptFarm with the available expertise of BAC and SiteScope administrators with almost a decade of experience, the cost to an organization to acquire the needed skills can drop by as much as 75% versus a full time administrator.

Benefits to your organization

  • Low cost of entry for established SiteScope and BAC expertise
  • Avoids the delays and costs associated with recruiting established BAC and SiteScope Expertise
  • Short turnaround on BAC and SiteScope support issues
  • USA-Based organization. USA-Idiomatic English is our standard communications dialect
  • Only three time zones from any continental USA-based location
  • No Travel Fees to manage

Both SiteScope and Business Availability Center fractional administration services follow the model set forth by NetJets. There is a monthly administrative fee that goes towards the care, feeding and housing of our administrative staff as well as a fee per hour of use. The fee is less than what you would normally find for this type of service on the open market. With SiteScope there are no minimal hourly commitments. With BAC, eight hours per week is the minimum commitment. This is based upon both the additional complexity of BAC environments plus the minimal recommended maintenance to ensure that the environment is functioning correctly.

Next Steps

We're exceptionally excited to be able to bring this capability to our current and future customers, and we're interested in your feedback.

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