About The ScriptFarm

The ScriptFarm is a completely different kind of U.S. rural-based services firm specializing in performance engineering, which includes everything from load test script development to performance process and management. Our highly skilled performance engineers can tackle the most demanding applications and technologies without accessing public forums for assistance or contacting the vendors for information on how to use their tools to complete your load test projects.

While there are many other offshore services firms that offer load testing services, most of them use entry level employees, who often are untrained in the delivery of such services. Our engineers, by contrast, have solid development experience before they join the ScriptFarm. We have identified the fundamental skills and characteristics possessed by successful load and performance engineers, and hire only those that meet our stringent criteria. Where needed, we augment their skills with thorough training before allowing them to provide services to our clients. We deliver our services exclusively on a remote basis from our lab in South Carolina, and therefore, eliminate travel costs.

As a result of this creative approach for an onshore company, a ScriptFarm-engineered service offers substantially higher value than a service of comparable cost from other providers.

Why ScriptFarm? Oh, just being direct…